Freedom School Poetry

This article originally appeared in Southern Exposure Vol. 9 No. 1, "Stayed on Freedom." Find more from that issue here.

Fight on Little Children

Fight on little children, fight on

You know what you’re doing is right.

Don’t stop, keep straight ahead

You’re just bound to win the fight.


Many hardships there will be;

Many trials you’ll have to face.

But go on children, keep fighting

Soon freedom will take hardship’s place.


Sometimes it’s going to be hard;

Sometimes the light will look dim.

But keep it up, don’t get discouraged

Keep fighting, though chances seem slim.


In the end you and I know

That one day the facts they’ll face.

And realize we’re human too.

That freedom’s taken slavery’s place.

—Edith Moore, age 15, McComb


Three Strikes to Freedom

Freedom is like a baseball game, 

You have to be set and have an aim,

When that’s done, now you’re ready,

To bat the ball with an arm that’s steady.


Strike one, selfish is the ball,

Missing this one is missing them all,

But you can strike it if you try,

Kindness won’t let anything pass you by.


Strike two, the ball is hate.

If this ball could be struck before it’s too late,

The world would be better than just,

Having everybody together because they must.


Strike three, equality is last,

Miss this one and you’re back in the past;

Remember you can’t sit still and wait

For everything to stop and suddenly be straight.

—Mary Zanders, Gulfport