Note to a Dark Girl

This article originally appeared in Southern Exposure Vol. 9 No. 2, "Festival: Celebrating Southern Literature." Find more from that issue here.

i slip into black houses slip out of black slips black lace

black pearls and slip under your black fire burn into silvery

black rose buds slip into your skin and begin to sew up

black holes black hurt spots slip into black muscles and

realize that black bones hold up the mythical universe give

back black strength through black kisses and experience

black desert love. Experience unpoisoned black languages

unphotographed black breasts possessed by black babies

to listen and survive off black breath black discovery

heavy with black voices praying to black angels singing

black poems inside black nights black womb infused with

dark sperm nightmare black nightmare again black baby

black death black hunger black poems to fill the womb

black wind to guard against the rain black angels to cause

black salvations black springs black female child promising