Gamblin' Man

Josh Marshall comments this morning on the way that Bush seems a bit reluctant to disclose details about his Social Security plan:

President Bush is trying to sell America on a plan that will cost several trillion dollars (the lower estimates are for ten years, before the big bills come due), cut future benefits by as much as 46% for today's children and pull more money out of Social Security ... Many people are worried, in most cases in with good reason. And yet the president says again and again that he won't say just what he wants to do to Social Security.

In fact, when a reporter asked Bush yesterday why he wasn't giving more details about his plan in the face of growing public concern, he turned to a gambling metaphor:

"The tendency in Washington is, 'OK, Mr. President, you play your cards now and we'll decide if we're going to play ours. I'm not going to do that. I'm keeping them close to the vest."

What does Bush think this is, a round of Texas Hold'Em? The reckless casino imagery does not inspire confidence. Is the message here that the future of retirement security is just a game?