Big Tent

Democratic strategists Steve Jarding and Dave "Mudcat" Saunders are working on a new book, Foxes in the Henhouse, that USA Today describes as "a bare-knuckled blueprint for how Democrats can win again in the South and the heartland.... What sets Foxes apart from other upcoming political books is its authors. They are not journalists or commentators but tacticians who have tested their theories and won." Advisors to Mark Warner's successful campaign for governor of Virginia in 2001, Jarding and Saunders will try to bring Democrats up to speed on how to handle "God, guns, gays, national security and the Confederate flag."

You may remember Mudcat from his recent touting of the inclusiveness of the Sons of Confederate Veterans ("which has two black members, by the way"). Presumably, then, he and Jarding will not be offering advice anything like Gen. J.C. Christian's suggestion for Southern Democrats. One hopes, anyway.

(Thanks to Bill Rehm for the Mudcat update.)