The latest Facing South newsletter is out, on the two-year anniversary of the ignoble Iraq conflict. Here's this edition's Institute Index: Percent of U.S. soldiers that are from Southern states: 42 Percent of soldiers that are based in the South: 56 Number of U.S. soldiers that have died in Iraq: 1,520 Estimated number of soldiers wounded: 17,000 Percent in U.S. who think number of U.S. casualties has been "unacceptable": 70 Estimated number of civilian deaths in Iraq: 100,000 Cost of Iraq war to U.S. taxpayers, in billions: $157.9 Number of children that could have received health insurance for that amount: 94,000,000 Number of permanent military bases currently being constructed in Iraq: 11 You can read the rest here. UPDATE: As several readers pointed out, in our email edition of Facing South three zeroes got shaved off the number of children that could be insured for Iraq war spending. The correct number is 94,000,000, not 94,000. Thanks to our reader-editors for the catch!