Unclear Skies

From faithfull's diary at daily kos:
Today, Thursday March 3rd, the "Clear Skies Initiative" - the largest rollback of federal clean air laws in United State's history- will be heard in the "Environment and Public Works" committee. "Clear Skies" is an enormous weakening of the immensely effective "Clean Air Act" of 1970 (ironically enough, last amended under George H.W. Bush) and would set weaker emissions targets for later dates, letting polluters off the hook for nearly a decade longer than current law.
This isn't just a North Carolina story, but Faithfull notes that North Carolina passed its own strong "Clean Smokestacks Act" in 2002, "with a HUGE bipartisan majority." Because much of the state's pollution actually comes from out-of-state sources, the federal Clear Skies Initiative could badly hamper our ability to control our own air quality.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) opposes the Clear Skies Initiative, but Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) has supported it.

You don't have to live in North Carolina to give them both a call and let them know where you stand on the administration's attempt to turn back the clock on environmental protection:

Senator Elizabeth Dole - (202)-224-6342
Senator Richard Burr - (202)-224-3154

(Thanks to Modern Carpetbagger.)