Blog Birthdays

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Atrios (aka Duncan Black) over at the Eschaton blog. He was one of the trailblazers in the progressive blogosphere -- diligently posting day after day when it was, in the words of co-trailblazer DKos (who himself will celebrate his third year in blogworld next month) "a labor of nerdness."

Last week, here at Facing South we celebrated a much more modest milestone -- we've now been blogging for two months. Haven't taken over the world (yet), but I feel good about our progress. Readership is steadily rising (by one set of rankings we make the top 350 or so), and given that the blogosphere is doubling every five months (8 million+ and counting), that's not too shabby.

Being old-media journalists and offline organizers by training, we're still getting a handle on the "new" medium (and feedback on how we can do it better is always welcome -- use the comments below or email me at

But we're just glad to be here, thank you for joining us, and look forward to seeing y'all in blog world in April 2006 and beyond.