Eric Rudolph's Reefer Madness

Eric Rudolph, everyone's favorite pot-growing white supremacist, will be pleading guilty tomorrow to several bombings, include a 1998 blast at a Birmingham women's health clinic that killed a security guard and maimed a nurse.

According to CBS News, "About the only two things Rudolph ever excelled at, lawmen say, were growing marijuana and building bombs."

His profile is certainly curious. Also from CBS News:

Rudolph bombed a gay nightclub, yet he has a beloved gay brother. He professes to hate abortion, yet his mother says he never mentioned it. He denies the Holocaust, but can't explain why. He flirted with the white supremacist Christian Identity movement, but never joined.

Rudolph did join the Army, and took copious notes during explosives training. But then he got bored, agents say, and smoked so much dope he drew an early discharge. Back home, he was known for just hanging out in the woods and renting video movies nonstop.

Rudolph's personality quirks have enabled some conservative Christians to concoct a rather lame alibi for the violent fringes of their movement. They were outraged when the Washington Post referred to Rudolph as a "Christian terrorist," arguing that the marijuana connection definitively nixed any link to the religious right. "A more accurate description would be 'doper'," huffed Accuracy in Media's Jim Kincaid, as if bombing abortion clinics and lesbian nightclubs were typical stoner behavior. Funny -- I didn't realize High Times denounced homosexuality as an abomination, or that NORML campaigned against abortion as a modern-day holocaust.