No "Nuclear Option" for Iraq

Oh, this is rich. Swing State Project via MyDD has the goods on Sen. Johnny Isackson, the new Republican Senator from Georgia. Johnny, you see, is one of the GOP leaders who says he has been touched by God to end the Senate procedure known as the filibuster.

But just last November, Isackson was exclaiming the virtues of the political manuever in the halls of Congress (see the video at MyDD) as a shining symbol of democracy on the march in the new Iraq:

"Don't you fear that the Shi'ites inevitably being in the majority, that you will be overrun? And he says, 'oh no, we have a secret weapon.' Mr. President, this is a Kurdish leader, in the middle of Iraq in the 21st century who said he had a secret weapon. And when asked what it was, he said one word, 'filibuster'" [...]

"It is one of their minority leaders, proudly stating one of the pillars and principles of our government, as the way they would ensure that the majority never overran the minority."

This gets confusing. Does this mean that if the far-right evangelical missionaries make headway in Iraq, they'll aim to ban the filibuster over there as well?