From the Glenwood Springs (CO) Post Independent, May 3, 2005:

Dear Editor,

President Bush owns a ranch in Crawford, Texas. The president has acquired a lot of political capital for being a regular, working western guy. It just dawned on me, I have never seen a picture of the Prez on a horse. I have been asking everyone; no one has seen such a picture. I went to Google and couldn't find a picture there nor have I ever seen a picture of the Bush cattle, or any other livestock.

I checked Webster, and a ranch is a farm where livestock is raised. So how is it Bush is called a rancher, that apparently never gets on a horse, and does not raise livestock? All hat and no cattle?

The president does ride down at the ranch. He rides a mountain bike. You know, same thing, I have never seen a picture of him on his mountain bike. I have nothing against mountain bikes, I have one myself. But there may be a reason we haven't seen him with his bike. Riding a mountain bike is what East Coast, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, snowboarding liberal elites do.

Wrong image.

Patrick Hunter

For what it's worth, the President's bicycling habits were confirmed a year ago May, when Bush suffered "minor abrasions and scratches" after wiping out when his bike hit some "loose soil." Kerry also took a biking spill in May 2004, veering into oncoming traffic and falling when slowing down for a stop light. Note to Presidential hopefuls: don't bike in May.

As for the ranch, it's notable that Bush seems to not have spent as much time there since campaign season, when Americans Coming Together ran this ad.