Messes in Texas

Two days ago Facing South blogged about the temporary grounding of the parental consent bill in the Texas Legislature. The reprieve proved to be a very short one. While the House bill was disqualified from consideration on a technicality, a similar measure was approved by the State Senate -- unanimously, too.

It has been a tough season for progressive legislators in Texas. Their right-wing cohorts have pushed through all sorts of repressive laws, from the truly alarming (e.g. the anti-gay marriage amendment) to the totally ridiculous (e.g. the ban on "suggestive cheerleading," as featured on The Daily Show). Our friend Pam Spaudling over at Pam's House Blend spotlights Senfronia Thompson (D-Harris County), a state representative who, among other things, has spoken out eloquently against the homophobia of the marriage amendment. As this legislative guide at Pro-Choice Texas shows, Representative Thompson and some of her colleagues have also worked hard to draft laws that put the interests of women, children, and working families first.