Please Enlighten Us

Maybe somebody else can explain what this gesture is supposed to mean. From the Birmingham News:

Alabama's attorney general said he will wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet until state lawmakers pass legislation requiring the devices' use by those convicted of sex crimes against children.

Troy King was fitted with the bracelet Monday afternoon in Columbiana after proposing a tougher law to monitor sex offenders.

So, is it sort of like a hunger strike, to pressure legislators into passing the bill more quickly in order to alleviate his suffering? Is it so voters can monitor his whereabouts to reassure themselves he's doing his job? Is it some kind of metaphorical statement that he would feel as guilty as a pedophile if he doesn't get this bill through the legislature?

I just think it's a little odd that for a publicity stunt he'd put himself in the position of being punished in the way he wants to punish others -- as if a proponent of capital punishment strapped himself into an electric chair until a death penalty bill was passed.