Think Progress has a short but important post up that goes hand-in-hand with Bill Towe's piece below arguing for a negotiated withdrawal from Iraq:

With debate over what to do in Iraq heating up inside the Beltway, it's important to ask: what do the Iraqi people think about our troops?

Getting a straight answer to these questions is next to impossible in war-torn Iraq, but some groups have taken the pulse of the Iraqi public regularly. According to one recent poll sponsored by the U.S. government, 45 percent of Iraqis support the insurgent attacks against coalition troops and a majority of Iraqis oppose having the U.S.-led multinational force in the country, and feel less safe with foreign troop patrols in their neighborhood.

Whatever solution you may believe in, it seems clear that the status quo -- or increasing troop comitments -- are not acceptable options to the people of Iraq.