Bigotry: Bad for Business

It appears the decision of Hillsborough County, Florida, to ban any recognition of gay pride is bringing an economic backlash:

The Florida Library Association has passed a resolution that the association will not hold conferences, meetings of its Executive Board, committees, or other association groups in Hillsborough County until the anti-gay law is rescinded ...

At least one convention has been cancelled. Michael Saripkin, co-owner of Sardis Mini Systems, a Mississippi-based company has cancelled plans for a convention in the county that would have attracted 2,000 people estimated to spend about $1 million.

Thankfully, folks up north -- way up north: Canada -- are pushing for fairness:

Even the Dunedin Blue Jays are showing their displeasure with the county. The Jays, an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, sponsored a diversity night last year at Knology Field in conjunction with the Human Rights Campaign.

This year the farm team is taking the idea a step farther. Working with Equality Florida it will add a VIP reception and concert to highlight diversity in the workplace.

(Thanks Pam's House Blend)