By R. Neal

That's the one-word headline on the Biloxi Sun Herald website this morning. And that seems to pretty much sum up the situation today. The frustration is starting to boil over onto the editorial pages.

Here's a roundup from Editor and Publisher: As the truth sinks in--this is the worst natural disaster in the nation's history--editorials in a wide range of newspapers have now raised critical issues about the lack of preparation, the effects of so many National Guard sent to Iraq, and the response of President Bush to the tragedy this week.

Also reported by Editor and Publish, this Biloxi Sun Herald editorial doesn't mince words: While the flow of information is frustratingly difficult, our reporters have yet to find evidence of a coordinated approach to relieve pain and hunger or to secure property and maintain order.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune (evacuated from New Orleans and working out of the offices of the Baton Rouge Advocate and the Houma Courier) says of the anarchy: Virtually everyone involved in public safety has failed the people left in New Orleans who are trying desperately to survive.

On a positive note, some relief aid is finally starting to make its way into the area, the Superdome evacuees are starting to be moved to more humane facilities at the Houston Astrodome, and officials in New Orleans say that the flood waters have reached equilibrium and started flowing back into Lake Pontchartrain, although this could reverse with high tides and much work is left to be done repairing the levees and pumping out the water.

The situation is, however, still desperate along the Gulf Coast. The Times-Picayune and the Sun Herald have complete coverage from the scene.

Folks down there need our help. The best way to help is to make a contribution to one of the relief agencies, such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Second Harvest Food Bank, the Catholic Charities Disaster Response, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, or others involved in the effort.

OK, then.