Director of Homeland "Security" Chertoff said in a press conference this afternoon that the relief effort was going great, supplies were pouring in, FEMA and the National Guard were on the scene, yada yada yada.

Except, all afternoon when a news anchor was interviewing someone on the scene, one of the questions they asked was "have you seen any relief supplies, anyone from FEMA, the National Guard, anyone of authority in charge at all?" In every case, the answer was no.

So the question is, are these people so completely insulated or disconnected from reality that they are oblivious to what's going on? Do they not realize we have 24-hour-per-day new coverage broadcasting images and interviews by which people can see with their own eyes that the facts on the ground directly contradict what they are saying? Or are all their white and wealthy pals safe and sound at hotels in Houston enjoying room service, so naturally everything must be OK? Or are they so addicted and loyal to a broken, corrupt political system that they are in complete denial, able only to regurgitate party propaganda?

Whatever. The government is lying. People are dying.