MIA media sighting

By R. Neal

Anderson Cooper of CNN is on the scene and interviewing Sen. Mary Landrieu remotely. He asked about the response, etc. She started praising the President and the federal government's response, naming off the list of agencies, etc.

He cut her off and literally started yelling at her. He said it was outrageous that politicians are going on TV patting each other on the back. He asked if she understood what was happening down there. He asked if she realized there are dead bodies on the street being eaten by rats. He asked her if she understood how angry people are, and wondered why she wasn't angry. (I'm paraphrasing all of this because I'm typing as it happens.)

Just a few minutes before, the Mrs. and I were commenting that the media that has been MIA for the past four years might actually be back.

All afternoon, the tone of the coverage has changed. In a news conference earlier today, FEMA Under Secretary Michael Brown accused the media of only reporting bad news, and basically said they were being irresponsible. In fact, the media has been holding back. They have been telling us that there are things being filmed that are just too horrific to air. I think the gloves are coming off. It's about time.

OK, then.