Posted by R. Neal

Here's an interesting article by Mitch Cohen at the Jackson Free Press:

Celebrities stood at the microphone, pouring accolades like anointing oil over the heads of the politicians in attendance. All but one of the Republicans representing the state in Washington sat front row beside and behind Griffith's old buddy and business partner.

Democratic Reps. Bennie Thompson and Gene Taylor (both somewhat critical of the federal response to Katrina, it should be noted) were nowhere to be found. Odd, that. Amidst standing ovations, a gigantic Mississippi outline filled with a waving American flag, photo montages, star-power, and tales of Barbour's strength and surety, a sickening feeling set in. Something distinctly manufactured was occurring, something to which I'd unwittingly become party.

The article concludes: "There's a circus coming to town; the smoke and mirrors are on the horizon." Read the article to find out about the ringmaster and the featured act in center ring. There are some interesting sideshows, too.