Calling all grassroots policy wonks

Have some ideas about how to turn our economy around and help working families? Can you say it in 175 words or less?

Then share it with "Since Sliced Bread," an online contest hosted by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Folks have until December 5 to submit their ideas. And here's the best part -- winners get $100,000! Runners-up get a not-too-shabby $50,000.

Some of the entries are already posted, and although I haven't read to judge on quality, I will note that Southerners are making a strong showing, with Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina being among the top 10 states submitting pioneering insights.

So let's hear it, big thinkers, street scholars, grassroots policy-wonks, and everybody else with a notion about how things could be better: tell SEIU your best idea since sliced bread.

And if you happen to win -- don't forget about your friends over here at the Institute, ok?

(Thanks to Lanya at Traction for the tip)