NC Reps press for Iraq pullout

As Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) announced on DKos last night, and the AP confirms in a story today, Miller and fellow NC Rep. David Price (D) have introduced a resolution that urges President Bush to set a timetable for Iraq withdrawal. Here's part of Miller's speech on the House floor:

The Price-Miller resolution calls for more than the platitudes that we 'stay the course' or 'finish the job.' We demand that the President state clearly the remaining mission of our military in Iraq, and to state the time period that the president believes will be required to accomplish that mission. What needs to happen for our men and women to come home, and when does the Bush Administration think that will happen.

And Mr. Speaker, there is no better way to persuade the Iraqi people that we really intend to withdraw than to begin withdrawing. The Price-Miller resolution calls for a partial withdrawal as soon as possible.

It's undoubtedly significant that two representatives from North Carolina -- "the most military-friendly state in the country" -- are now positioning themselves as leaders in the timetable/withdrawal movement.

It's also worth noting that the announcement comes soon after polls showing a pluarality of the public supports "rapid pullout" from Iraq, as well as a large and boisterous Democratic Party forum on withdrawing from Iraq in Price's district earlier this month.