New from Southern Exposure: "East Meets South"

As you may know, blogging isn't the only thing we do at the Institute. We also publish Southern Exposure, the award-winning journal of politics and culture. And the latest issue is hot off the presses: "East Meets South: 150 Years of Asian/Southern Intersections."

The issue investigates an important but frequently-ignored subject: the close ties between Asia and the U.S. South. Among the in-depth features:

  • THEY WERE FIGHTERS: The story of Southern Baptists, China and the Opium War
  • LOOKING LIKE THE ENEMY: Internment brought Japanese-Americans to Arkansas - and Jim Crow
  • TROUBLED WATERS: Vietnamese shrimpers stood up to the Klan, now they face globalization
  • BEYOND THE MODEL MINORITY: Talking with North Carolina activist Milan Pham

and much more! As guest editors Christina Chia and Hong-An Truong note in their opening essay:

"The articles in this issue give us insight into a wide range of Asian-American communities in the South. One theme that emerges is that many Asians are in America today because of the long-standing and ongoing military, economic, and cultural presence of Americans in Asia. To understand how East has met South, we have to look not only at demographic shifts within the American South, but also at Southern "footprints" in Asia. We have to confront both the new realities and forgotten histories of the South."

Order your copy of East Meets South today here or by mailing $5 to SE, P.O. Box 531, Durham, NC 27702. And if you're not a Southern Exposure subscriber yet, sign up now at the special online rate -- just $21!