Helping veterans working for peace

Here are groups that could use your support this Veteran's Day:

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Here's how Ret. Mast. Sgt. Stan Goff (a Veterans for Peace member) in North Carolina puts it:

No group of women and men has more credibility with the public in its opposition to the war than the people who participated in it, and who are now speaking out against it. IVAW's membership includes hundreds of highly-motivated, talented young people, who have shown a special character. They are now students, workers, musicians, philosophers, geographers, playwrights, public speakers, writers, film-makers, and several have spent time in prison for their beliefs.

People like Camilo Mejia, Stephen Funk, Kevin Benderman, Charlie Anderson, Mike Hoffman, Kelly Dougherty, Pablo Paredes, Tim Goodrich, Pat Resta, Jimmy Massey, Jose Vasquez, Ivan Medina, Tina Garnanez, Alex Ryabov, Garret Reppenhagen, and many others. These are the people whose voices are amplified by contributions to IVAW.

Veterans for Peace

From their website:

We draw on our personal experiences and perspectives gained as veterans to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war - and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives ... Help us put an end to war.

I'll add that, in a recent trip to the post-hurricane Gulf Coast, we found Vets for Peace to be one of the leading organizations coordinating relief aid to those who weren't getting it from government channels.