Posted by R. Neal

  • The Mrs. observes that I-75 is like its own city. True, but the "neighborhoods" found at every exit are depressingly the same. After a while, you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.
  • The Mrs. also observes that instead of adding a new lane to I-75 every year they ought to just go ahead and build a half-mile wide strip all the way to Tampa and be done with it. (Personally, I think we should spend the money rebuilding our rail infrastructure and get these long-haul trucks off the road. Taxpayers are already subsidizing a very expensive method of hauling cheap plastic Chinese crap to Wal*Mart. We could save a bundle if it had to go by rail.)
  • If Florida could export its weather all over the Southeast, nobody would want to live anywhere else. Except for the hurricanes, of course.
  • The "Fresh Florida Citrus" outlets along I-75 are better than the ones on I-95. The ones on I-95 appear to be run by some sort of citrus mafia.
  • There seems to be more dog-friendly lodging than ever before. I think there's a growing dog demographic among aging baby boomers and "empty nesters" and the hospitality industry has taken notice. I just wish folks would clean up after their dogs and not ruin it for responsible dog lovers.
  • There is a LOT of beach property for sale around Daytona. A few folks we talked to, even some living inland, said they are tired of the hurricanes and moving north. One guy said he is moving to Nashville. Some of these folks may be overreacting. The Daytona/mid-Florida Atlantic coast hasn't historically been hit too hard by hurricanes. There might be some deals down there. On the other hand, some folks may be cashing in on the Florida housing bubble, which some predict is about to burst. They've been saying that for years, though. The house we sold down there almost six years ago is worth more than double what we sold it for, and we'd already had about 40% appreciation after ten years or so. We probably sold it too cheap. Wish we'd kept it.
  • The first part of November is a great time to vacation in Florida. It's practically deserted and there are plenty of accommodations and some great deals.

    OK, then.