Seems that disgust with FEMA's inability to act in the wake of the 2005 hurricanes is crossing party lines:

DALLAS - Gov. Rick Perry [R] railed against the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Tuesday, saying its inaction is putting tens of thousands of hurricane victims at risk of getting evicted and preventing law enforcement from knowing which of the evacuees are dangerous criminals [...]

Perry's letter came on the same day that the Texas Apartment Association pleaded with FEMA for federal payment of evacuee rent. Perry cited a survey by the group that estimated 15,000 evacuees could face eviction this month.

More than a quarter-million refugees were relocated to Texas after Katrina. Up to 175,000 are thought to be living in Texas apartments now.

"The federal government, ultimately, is going to have to come up with some kind of plan on what to do with those folks," Perry spokesman Robert Black said.

Sounds like the Texas guv is none too happy with the leadership in Washington.