Show some love for Facing South

Since we launched our humble Facing South blog in February 2005 -- warning, one-year anniversary post coming soon! -- we haven't done much in the way of self-promotion (aside from fundraising season, of course!). I also must confess that I don't follow the blog awards scene as closely as I should, except to cheer on our good friends to victory.

But several of you have written to point out that Facing South has been nominated as a blog "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" for the 2005 Koufax Awards, a great institution run by Wampum for recognizing the work of progressive bloggers. (He could use some donations to keep the awards going.) We're also up for "Best State and Local Blog."

We'd love your support for either honor. (How could we turn down a claim that we deserve wider recognition?!) Feel free to visit Wampum and show Facing South some love.

I think Facing South is something unique on the blog scene, being a mix of first-hand investigative reporting, personal commentary, news clips, and other under-reported information and provocative ideas.

The blog has become a central part of our progressive media arsenal here at the Institute for Southern Studies, which also includes Southern Exposure magazine, and our e-newsletter, also called Facing South. Facing South also spawned our special post-Katrina investigative project, Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch.

Working together, we hope these different media offer a thoughtful, progressive take on this region we call home, so that we can change it for the better. Thanks for reading!