You may recall that former Atlanta Mayor and civil rights activist Andrew Young's company recently signed on with Wal-Mart to help rehabilitate their image. Yesterday Young made a personal appearance at a Wal-Mart grand opening in Atlanta:

At the grand opening of a Wal-Mart in a black suburb of Atlanta, civil rights leader Andrew Young danced with store clerks, bouncing to the song "We Are Family."

He also posed with a $1 million check from the company - a donation for a memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to be built on the National Mall in Washington.

Young took part in the pep rally in his new position as a paid corporate cheerleader for Wal-Mart - a role that has perplexed some of his longtime civil rights colleagues, who have all but accused him of going over to the enemy.

Read the article for reaction from other civil rights leaders. So is he for sale to the highest bidder, or is he working from the inside to effect change? At any rate, Wal-Mart is pressing a massive PR blitz with the simple message they they aren't all that bad and they create lots of jobs. Whatever.