Our local newspaper here in Knoxville (home of TVA) ran a lengthy article yesterday defending TVA which I posted about at my blog. Here's an excerpt:

Along with the usual puffery about what TVA is doing to fix the problem, Baxter goes on the offensive, saying that NC should clean up their own act. And, you won't hear us say this very often, but he's right. Duke Power and CPL are just as bad or worse than TVA.

But the problem is that TVA is the Goliath among utilities, and it's operated by the Federal Government. And while the Federal Government may not have enough sense to know better, you would think they have enough money to do better.

According to an analysis by KnoxViews of 30 utilities around the South, TVA generates 20% of the coal-fired electricity and 23% of the nitrous oxide (NOX) emissions, as compared to Duke which generates 9.3% of the power and 7.9% of the NOX pollution and CPL which generates 3.5% of the power and 6.3% of the NOX pollution.

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