Southern Blog Roundup

Some highlights from today's progressive blogging south of the Mason-Dixon Line:

Arkansas Daily Blog links to a new report that finds branches of their home-state mega-retailer Wal-Mart are "unequivocally associated" with higher poverty rates in the community ... and the National Council of Women's Organizations will be pushing a resolution at WM's June 2 shareholders meeting about the company's glass ceiling.

North Carolina's own Pam's House Blend covers the face-off between Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell, who recently declared a ballot initiative on same sex marriage and civil unions is unconstitutional. Plus, about those faith-based virginity pledges ...

The Orlando Sentinel blog Central Florida Political Pulse reports that "Florida hunters and anglers, who overwhelmingly supported Republican George W. Bush in 2004, are decidedly unhappy" with the president's energy policy. How unhappy?

Sixty-three percent of Florida sportsmen, including 55 percent who voted for Bush, say the country is on the wrong track in meetings its energy needs

Birmingham Blues points to a local news feature on Roy Moore, "basically telling us that he's combative and paranoid. I think we knew that already."

And live from New Orleans, NOLA Rising links to a Times-Picayune story that says rebuilding of the city's levees is underway, but the Army Corp of Engineers admits "the system still won't be high enough to prevent flooding by a similar storm this year."