Stopping the scourge of sex toys in the South

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the rash of anti-sex toy legislation sweeping the South? South Carolina is the latest to consider a ban, and legislation has already been passed in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. Similar legislation was proposed in Tennessee earlier this year, but it was quickly withdrawn. Apparently nobody in Nashville wanted to touch the sex toy issue.

I had no idea this was such a big problem in the South. I guess we've solved all the problems of poverty, equality, jobs, and health care, and sex toys are now our number one priority.

But seriously, there must be a genesis for all of this somewhere. A cursory search doesn't turn up any sort of organized anti-sex toy effort, but one would assume that the Dr. Dobsons of the world are somehow behind it. Sponsors don't seem to want to talk much about their bills or why it's such an important issue.

Perhaps someone in the know can fill us in on who is hanging around state capitol lobbies demonstrating the dangers of sex toys to our legislators?