The Economic Policy Institute has the latest figures on skyrocketing CEO pay, and how it compares to the earnings of average U.S. workers:

US bosses earn an average $11m per year, representing a salary 262 times the average worker's.

The average worker's annual earning was just below $42,000, showed findings from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a think-tank.

Chief executives made more money in one working day than an average worker made in a year, the research showed.

To get a sense of how much the chasm has grown, consider the historical perspective:

The gap is the second biggest in 40 years. In 1965 bosses were earning just 24 times the average worker's pay.

The only time this year's figure was beaten was in 2000, when the ratio hit 300.

Back in 1965, the heads of major US firms earned 24 times more than the average worker.

Meanwhile, the Senate rejected -- for the 9th time since 1997 -- an attempt to increase the minimum wage yesterday.