Tennessee schedules double execution

From Tennessee Independent Media: Pending Double-Execution Reveals Inherent Flaws in Tennessee's Death Penalty System by Anna Thompson Nashville: In the past forty-six years, the state of Tennessee has executed only one man. Now, in one day, it plans to execute two. Both Sedley Alley and Paul Dennis Reid are scheduled to die in the early morning of June 28th and both cases reveal critical flaws in Tennessee's broken death penalty system. "This double execution unquestionably reveals more flaws with Tennessee's administration of the death penalty," said Randy Tatel, Executive Director of the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing (TCASK). "In the Alley case, we have a 20-year old unreliable conviction where the state is so afraid of the truth that it refuses to release physical evidence for DNA testing. In the case of Paul Reid, we are preparing to execute a severely mentally ill, delusional individual. It shows, yet again, that Tennessee's death penalty system is broken."Read more about the two cases at the link. And here's related news from Alabama.UPDATE: Mentally ill inmate gets stay of execution for competency hearing.