Last week, the Institute released "One Year after Katrina," the most in-depth report on the status of the Gulf Coast on the anniversary. The report has made quite a splash, with coverage on CNN, and other major outlets, as well as some great blogs.

One of our top priorities was to get the report into the hands of those affected by the storms. Over the last two weeks, we've distributed nearly 2,000 copies in New Orleans and the Mississippi coast, thanks to help from groups like the New Orleans Network, People's Hurricane Relief Fund and U.S. Human Rights Network.

We've also done 15 radio interviews for "One Year after Katrina" on stations including Air America and XM Radio, and local stations from Atlanta, GA to Bridgeport, CT and Sacramento, CA.

To hear more about the report and what's happening in the Gulf Coast, check out our recent segment on the excellent Mother Jones Radio program: you can either stream the program, download it, or podcast it. Let us know what you think!