Mining is a dangerous job, and this year it's taken an especially big toll. Jordan at Confined Space points out that 22 coal miners were killed on the job in all of last year, but this year's death toll has already reached 40 with the death of Jerry McKinney, 56 Thursday at the Jim Walter mine in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

McKinney was killed when material fell from the roof at the underground mine. It was the second death this year at the Jim Walter mine.

The Jim Walter mine doesn't have a happy history:

In April, a No.4 miner died from injuries after rock fell from the mine roof. In 2004, two miners at the Jim Walter No.7 mine died. In 2001, 13 miners died at the No.5 mine after a fire and two explosions. McKinney's was the 40th coal mine fatality this year in the United States.

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