NAACP to monitor elections

The NAACP is sending hundreds of workers to ten states to monitor the November elections:

The states were chosen based on those with pivotal elections, states with concentrations of black voters, and those with a history of polling problems, according to the Baltimore-based civil rights organization.

According to the report, the states include Maryland, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

In addition to monitoring elections, the NAACP is also working to get out the vote with a program called "Arrive With 5":

This year's mid-term elections will serve as an opportunity to elect a number of local and state officials ranging from city council to the next class of Governors and Senators. The only way to have a say in the direction of our state and local leadership is to vote.

Poverty and racism continue to disproportionately affect communities of color and the NAACP is mobilizing and informing communities to join the fight to achieve the American Dream today!

The NAACP's Arrive with 5 Campaign asks each one of us to register to vote and amplify the sound of our voice by helping 5 friends and family members get registered and cast their ballot on Election Day.


NAACP President and CEO Bruce S. Gordon said about Arrive with 5 that "our goal is to make the greatest impact in states where we face some of the most difficult challenges."

The registration deadline has passed, but here are close races in key states that could affect the makeup of Congress. It will be interesting to see if the NAACP's efforts play a role in moving those races one way or another.