Gulf Watch: Expelling blacks from New Orleans?

Jacob Faber, a researcher with the Center for Social Inclusion, recently looked at how policies on post-Katrina housing and business development are laying a blueprint for the expulsion of New Orleans' black residents at RaceWire, the Colorlines blog:

With broken promises of affordable housing, an ineffective housing rebuilding program (Road Home) that is now running out of money, widespread housing discrimination, and elected officials who see Katrina "clean[ing] up public housing in New Orleans", many former residents can't even find a place to live, let alone establish employment, access quality healthcare, or feel safe in their communities. If left to their own devices, the powers that be seem to be heading toward the gentrification model, which will rake in the bucks for a small minority of people with vested interests in real estate, finance and politics at the expense of most of the people.

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