We are now just eight days from the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. President Bush's answer is "mission accomplished," pointing to the $116 billion Washington has allegedly sent in Katrina relief.

But where did the money go? Over 80,000 people still live in "temporary" trailers (which FEMA knew were toxic but didn't clean up), schools are shuttered and hospitals are in shambles. 60% of those displaced want to come home but can't because they don't have money and can't find affordable housing.

It's not just about the thousands of families still in limbo in the Gulf Coast. Katrina is a symbol and warning sign for policy failures across the country on issues from jobs to health care, schools and public infrastructure.

Today I'll be on "The New Voice of New Orleans" 99.5 FM to talk about the Katrina recovery on the two-year anniversary, and present exclusive findings from our upcoming Gulf Watch report, "Blueprint for Gulf Renewal." Tune in and listen live at 2:05 PM Eastern/1:05 PM Central.