The state of New Orleans on 2-year anniversary of Katrina

Yesterday, I was on "The New Voice of New Orleans" 99.5 FM -- a Fox News/Clear Channel affiliate -- to talk about the state of recovery two years after Katrina.

The hot topic: where did all that Katrina money go? If you want to know but missed the show yesterday, you can listen to a podcast of the show here. Find out:

* Of the $116 billion the White House says has been slated for the Gulf, how much is actually for long-term recovery needs?

* How much of FEMA's 2005 budget went to administrative costs instead of relief?

* Of the president's "GO Zone" tax breaks designed to jump-start businesses in distressed areas, how many projects are underway in New Orleans? (hint: it's less than 2)

* We're in the thick of hurricane season -- how much of the Army Corps of Engineers' $8.4 billion budget for levee repair has actually been spent?

And much more! Listen now. And stay tuned for our upcoming report on the Katrina 2-year anniversary, Blueprint for Gulf Renewal.