Climate skeptic leaves U of Virginia

Global warming skeptic Patrick J. Michaels has left the climatologist's office at the University of Virginia -- a big relief to university faculty who lamented Michaels' industry funding and contrarian views on global warming. (See past Facing South coverage here and here)

Though the state of Virginia funds the climatologist's office at the university, the state has repudiated Michaels' oft-repeated claims that he was the official "state climatologist," and the governor's office made clear that Michael's views on global warming do not represent those of the state.

Where is Michaels going? The corporate-funded libertarian Cato Institute, of course -- a staunch opponent critic of global warming theories. Michaels reports that he relishes the ability to "speak more freely" in his work at Cato.

NOTE: Michaels isn't new to the Cato Institute. As his profile at their website shows, he's been publishing studies with them since the 1990s.

(H/T to the Center for Science in the Public Interest)