'Shine a Light' on AIDS prevention gaps

Our report on the controversy over CDC's release of its latest AIDS data got the attention of Kenyon Farrow. Citing the "Southern States Manifesto," we noted that among the factors contributing to the region's disproportionate burden of HIV/AIDS/STDs are its relatively poor health infrastructure, higher poverty rates, lack of affordable housing, and racial disparities, which elicited this comment from Farrow:

"It is exactly for those reasons that activists have called for the Prevention Justice Mobilization, which will culminate in a rally and march tomorrow, December 4, 2007 in front of the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta (where the CDC's prevention conference is being held)."

Bringing together more than 325 groups and individuals, the Prevention Justice Mobilization 2007 is holding a series of HIV-prevention events and actions around the United States through Dec. 15 to demand leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS and justice in prevention policies. Tomorrow's event -- the "'Shine a Light' on U.S. Prevention Gaps" march and rally -- starts at 4:30 p.m. at Atlanta's Hardy Ivy Park (click here for directions). For more information, visit www.preventionjustice.org.