How is Hillary Clinton honoring Passover this evening?

As you'll remember, Passover is very important to Sen. Clinton. When CBS and Sen. Barack Obama proposed holding a presidential debate tonight, April 19, in North Carolina, Sen. Clinton at first vacillated, and then ultimately condemned the idea, suggesting it would be offensive to Jewish families who will begin celebrating Passover at sundown today.

(The Obama campaign countered that Clinton didn't like the April 19 N.C. debate merely because she wanted more campaign time in Pennsylvania before this Tuesday's primary.)

The rest is history: Clinton insisted on an April 27 date for a North Carolina debate. The N.C. Democratic Party joined Clinton, saying "it just seemed obvious" that Passover wasn't an appropriate date for a major political event, and offering tickets for April 27 (even though Obama hasn't agreed). Party heavyweights like Govs. Mike Easley and Jim Hunt piled on.

And Clinton has been making political hay out of it ever since, claiming that Obama's reluctance to debate on April 27 is proof that he doesn't care about North Carolina. Here's the latest quote, from yesteday's Raleigh News & Observer:

"Unfortunately, all signs point to [Obama] trying to duck the debate," said Ace Smith, Clinton's state campaign director. "He basically wants to brush off the people of North Carolina."

Now, Passover is here -- and since she believes that attending a campaign event on this major Jewish holiday is clearly objectionable, surely Sen. Clinton is spending the evening away from TV cameras, quietly preparing a first Seder or otherwise honoring the occasion off the campaign trail?

Not so much.

According to her campaign website, Sen. Clinton will be spending tonight just as Obama had suggested: leading a series of "Solutions for America" rallies, campaigning full-force for the Presidential nomination -- from 5 pm to 8 pm in California, Pennsylvania and then until 10 pm in McKeesport, P.A.

So much for Passover.