One of the key stories heading into today's North Carolina primary: the dramatic increase in African-American voters.

* African-American voters have registered in record numbers in North Carolina -- 45,000 in the first three months of 2008, compared with just over 11,000 in the same period four years ago.

* The Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies notes today that, while African-Americans make up 22% of the state population, they have made up nearly 40% of early voters in 2008. Here's the demographic breakdown of early voting as of this morning

Men 38.7%
Women 60.8%

White 56.5%
Black 39.9%

White Women 33.2%
White Men 23.1%

Democrat 84.1%
Unaffiliated 15.8%

* Peter St. Onge of The Charlotte Observer suggests that if 35% of Democratic primary voters today are African-American, Obama will score a victory of over 5%. Less than that, "Clinton will be celebrating."