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Travel across any area that's about to get hit by, or has already suffered a blow from, a hurricane, and you'll find signs of an under-appreciated literary genre: Storm Poetry.

Usually spray-painted on a sheet of plywood or the wall of building in harm's way, Storm Poetry ranges from funny one-liners to almost Zen-like mantras.

Here's one spotted on Heights Boulevard in Houston, courtesy of Houston Press:

The former president born in Denison, Texas and foe of the military-industrial complex is getting the most attention he has in years. Here's another one: I DISLIKE IKE (sorry, can't link to pic).

The beauty of Storm Poetry is that it can always be re-purposed -- a useful feature given the frequency of storms in the Gulf Coast. Here's a shot I took during Hurricane Gustav last week in Covington, just north of New Orleans:

I saw this theme a couple times after Katrina -- this one is from Arabi, LA:

And another popular post-Katrina theme:

Sometimes the politics are subtle -- sometimes not:

Anyone out there have other good examples of this unsung literary form?