Voting Rights Watch: 1,000 voters call about problems in Georgia

The Election Protection hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE is reporting that more than 1,000 voters have called in about voting and election problems. From EP's OurVoteLive website:
As of 12 p.m., Georgia Election Protection has received 1,034 phone calls from voters. The most common problems are issues with the registration rolls - such as voters being told they are not on the rolls - and polling place problems. In some precincts, voting machine breakdowns and power outages are causing long lines, and voters are being given paper ballots.
Georgia has been enmeshed in controversy over its voter registration lists after the state cross-checked over 2 million voters with the Social Security Administration. The SSA stated their concern that the checks went well beyond only newly-registered voters, as per the law, and the Department of Justice believed the policy violated the Voting Rights Act.