Election Protection has an updated list of voting problems being reported through their 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline. Some issues in the South:

Florida: In Tallahassee voters show up to polls, only to find ballots are missing.

Virginia: Dozens of callers in Virginia are reporting serious polling place problems, including broken machines, long lines, and a lack of parking. Some polling places are not even open yet. There are also more reports of absentee voters not receiving their ballot in the mail from Florida (and Louisiana) voters. Flyers and calls giving voters serious misinformation, like instructing people to vote on Wednesday are still in circulation. In Blacksburg, Va. voters reporting that there are too few voting machines to handle the large crowds. In Danville, Va. the relative of someone living in a nursing home reported evidence that nursing home residents who do not have family members present may have been intimidated and influenced while filling out absentee ballots.

Mississippi: A caller reported that she collected 500 registrations and submitted all of them. She checked the status of several of them today and evidently none were processed.