KROMM REPORT: What did Jindal learn from Katrina?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal got his close-up last night, delivering the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union Address, and the reaction can't be encouraging for someone on the GOP's 2012 presidential short-list.

The headline at Bayou Buzz -- a reliable baromoter of center-right opinion in south Louisiana and Jindal fans -- said it all: "Jindal Is Not Ready for Prime Time."

Some detractors blamed his aw-shucks school-teacher style. Bloggers at DailyKos are poking holes in the centerpiece of Jindal's speech -- a story about meeting the sheriff of Jefferson Parish after Katrina who was battling FEMA bureaucrats in a boat-rescue mission. The story, which Jindal used to argue that "the strength of America is not found in our government."