holy cross global green home.jpgThe Sierra Club released a report this week examining the green rebuilding efforts under way in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Four years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans residents are still struggling to rebuild. According to the Sierra Club report, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina provided New Orleans with a unique opportunity to develop into a national "green rebuilding model."

As the report details, green building is "the planning, design and construction of sustainable or low impact buildings and a key element in sustainable redevelopment. Green building also has a strong focus on maintaining social fabrics and provides job opportunities."

"[T]here are great potentials in using New Orleans as a model for truly sustainable redevelopment -- socially, economically and environmentally," the report reads, offering the first assessment of the green movement in the recovering city -- the major players, agencies and projects currently under way.

To see their findings click here.

(Image: Completed first home of the Holy Cross Project. Source: Global Green USA)