Join the Facing South Town Hall Tracker team!

Last week our elected representatives came home for their August recess to hold town hall meetings, and as you've probably heard, it's gotten pretty ugly.

Congressfolk have been greeted with hostile jeers and taunts. A protester waited for Obama with a gun at one event and a woman threatened to put "bullets in the head" of immigrants at another. Tearing up pictures of Rosa Parks. The list goes on.

Here at Facing South, we are gearing up to watchdog these events and report on what's happening -- and what they say about the state of the health reform debate.

We need your help! Join our team of Town Hall Trackers and tell us what happens at events in your area. You can email us news links, or send us first-hand reports and video we'll post on Facing South.

To get us started, here's a clip from a protest at Rep. Brad Miller's (D-NC) office in Raleigh, North Carolina last Friday. The protester compares Obama to Hitler and wrongfully states that under the Democratic reform legislation, people "55 and older will not be allowed to have hip replacements"and other surgeries.

She also echoes erroneous claims that thelegislation will allow government "grim reapers" (Sarah Palin's alleged"death panels") to tell the elderly to "take a pill and just die," and bemoans the fact that she "was accosted by a young girl who wasJewish."

Here's a list of events for today -- let us know if you have news to share!


(courtesy of

Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC), Central Carolina Community CollegeMultipurpose Building, Hwy 421, Lillington

Rep. Allen Boyd , Jr. (D-FL), Live Oak City Hall Annex, Live Oak, Fla.

-- Jefferson County Courthouse, Monticello, Fla.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), James Warren Lincoln County Citizens Center, Lincolnton, N.C.