Earlier this month, Kim Yaman and friends held what they billed as a "Brain Tumor Bake Sale" in front of U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan's office in Raleigh, N.C. in support of health care reform. Yaman, a grandmother from Cary, N.C. who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, holds two full-time jobs and has health insurance -- but she's still unable to afford the care she needs.

"This is a difficult diagnosis to get," says Yaman. "But the first question that came to my mind was I can't pay for this, and to have to go to my doctor's office with my three credit cards and my flex care card and to spread them out in front of the financial accountant's office onto the counter and say, 'I have $60 here, and I have $50 on this account, and I have $170 here, and I have $4.99 left on my flexible spending account. How much care do you think I can get before January?' It was really hard to go and beg like that."

Independent Voices, a grassroots media collective based in North Carolina, went to the bake sale and interviewed Yaman about her situation. Here's the video: