SOUTHERN BLOC(K): Dixie Dems and the health reform vote

NOTE: See the bottom of this post for latest updates.

With only 24 hours to go before the big health reform vote, the White House and Dem leaders say they're within striking distance of the magic 216 needed to pass it in the House vote on Sunday.

Making Obama's job a lot harder is the stubborn opposition -- or vacillation -- of Southern Democrats. So far, 13 of the 26 Democrats who are expected to vote against the bill tomorrow hail from Southern states.

And while wavering Dems from other parts of the country have been slowing coming into the "yes" column, key Southern representatives have refused to budge, either solidifying their "nay" stance or refusing to commit.

Here's the latest news on where 20 key members of the Southern delegation stand (bold = most recent updates; "voted" = vote on last year's House health bill):

RepresentativeVotedThe LatestThe Buzz
Barrow, J (GA)NoNo (AJC, 3/19)Progs ask: In a Dem-leaning district, why?
Berry, M (AR)YesUndecided (NYT, 3/20)
Hinges on abortion compromise; retirement makes vote easier
Boucher, R (VA)NoUndecided (T-N, 3/20)Medicare reimbursement is the sticking point
Bright, B (AL)NoNo (MA, 3/20)"We cannot afford the massive cost"
Boyd, A (FL)NoYes (WaPo, 3/19)"This is good policy"
Chandler, B (KY)NoNo (LCJ, 3/20)Won last election by +30 points
Childers, T (MS)NoNo (MCL, 3/20)"Deeply concerned" about cost; abortion
Cuellar, H (TX)YesYes (WaPo , 3/20)
Released Sat statement saying "yes"
Davis, A (AL)NoNo (MA, 3/20)Eyes on guv race; Black Caucus angry
Davis, L (TN)NoNo (Twitter, 3/21)Various sources saying he's a no
Edwards, C (TX)NoNo (DMN, 3/18)Worried about his "political future"
Kissell, L (NC)NoNo (WRAL, 3/20)Netroots favorite now not so popular
Kosmas, S (FL)NoYes (WaPo, 3/19)One of 2 big Fla pickups for White House
Marshall, J (GA)NoNo (AJC, 3/19)Always a long shot
Mollohan, A (WV)YesUndecided (NYT, 3/19)Dems hopeful
Nye, G (VA)NoNo (Hill, 3/21)One of 2 big Saturday defections
Ortiz, S (TX)YesLikely Yes (TM, 3/19)Not official, but Dems counting on a yes
Perriello, T (VA)YesYes (WaPo, 3/19)Another big Friday pick-up
Rahall, N (WV)YesUndecided (CG, 3/19)Abortion making him a tough get
Tanner, J (TN)NoNo (Twitter, 3/21)Various sources saying he's a no

For more news, check out The New York Times, The Huffington Post or Firedoglake for the latest whip counts.

UPDATES 3/20: The Hill says it's down to 20 key House votes as of 2:25 pm 3/20. They include: Berry (AR), Boucher (VA), Rahall (WV), Cuellar (TX), Davis (TN), Tanner (TN), Mollohan (WV), Nye (VA), Rodriguez (TX). That's nine Southerners on a list of 20.

* 4pm -- Cuellar is now a "yes.

UPDATES 3/21: 

* Glenn Nye is now a "no."

* 1:25pm -- Pelosi says, and everyone agrees, that Dems have the 216 votes. But none of the undecideds -- including the key Southern question marks above -- have officially announced. So who's it going to be? My bets are on Berry, Boucher and Mollohan. We'll see about Davis, Rahall and Tanner.

* 1:50pm -- Tanner and L. Davis now in "no" column -- this makes the abortion/Stupak crew essential, which would influence Mollohan and Rahall.

* 2:09pm -- NYT still not saying L. Davis of Tenn. a "no," but we hear he is -- that means only 4 Southern Dem votes still in play: Berry (AR), Boucher (VA), Mollohan and Rahall (WV). Stupak/abortion deal key to Berry and Mollohan for sure, probably Rahall. What's the word on Boucher?