Date on which Republican presidential hopeful and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he would suspend his campaign and endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: 4/25/2012

Number of primary elections that Gingrich lost this week alone: 5

Date of Gingrich's last primary win, in his old home state of Georgia: 3/6/2012

Number of other primaries Gingrich won: 1*

Of the 36 states that have voted so far, number in which Gingrich has finished in fourth place: 17

Date on which Gingrich visited a Penske Racing plant in North Carolina accompanied by a large security detail: 4/26/2012

Number of N.C. Highway Patrol vehicles that escorted Gingrich to the plant: 3

Amount paid each day by taxpayers for Gingrich's Secret Service detail: $40,000

Date on which Gingrich's Secret Service detail was reportedly ending: 4/26/2012

Amount in private security bills Gingrich has racked up since the beginning of the year, including payments to Cushman Enterprises, his daughter's company: $716,000

Amount by which Gingrich's private security bill exceeded Romney's for this year: $397,000

Amount the Gingrich campaign spent on travel in March alone: $1.6 million

Amount by which that exceeded the March travel expenses for the Romney campaign: $500,000

Amount Gingrich's campaign paid to Gingrich himself in March, the purpose for which the campaign refused to specify: $271,000

Amount of debt owned by Gingrich's campaign as of the end of March: $4.3 million

Date on which Gingrich is expected to officially end his presidential run with a speech in Washington, D.C.: 5/1/2012

* South Carolina on Jan. 21

(Click on figure to go to source. Photo of Gingrich by Gage Skidmore.)